Diamond Necklace, Bracelet and Earring Set

Trying to find the perfect bracelet to match with your necklace? Now you need to find the perfect earrings too? Look no further! This diamond set is the perfect solution to all your problems! Each line of diamonds bringing out your elegance from within.

Model No. Necklace (DMN00161), Bracelet (DMB00250), Earring (DME01997)
Necklace Diamond Carat 7.94 cts
Necklace Metal Weight 18k white gold (39.28 gms)
Bracelet Diamond Carat 1.45cts
Bracelet Metal Weight 18k white gold (9.55gms)
Earring Diamond Carat 1.26 cts
Earring Metal Weight 18k white gold (6.70gms)

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