Integrity and Quality

Integrity and Quality underpin our entire business, from the diamonds we handle to the trusted relationship with our clients.

Annaka LLC and Dhruv Star DMCC are the marketing arms of the Indian company, Mohit Diamonds Pvt Limited, "MOHIT Group".

Annaka is also a Member of Responsible Jewellers Council (RJC), which is the jewellery industry’s recognized standard for supply chain due diligence.

MOHIT GROUP inherited a 100 year old legacy of Repute & Trust for dealing in Diamonds & Jewellery globally. MOHIT GROUP is best known as an extremely efficient & trusted supplier.

The Group is the longest established Sightholder of De Beers Global Sightholder Sales (DBGSS), formally known as The Diamond Trading Company (DTC), having held a sight since 1949. MOHIT GROUP sources its supplies from ethical suppliers (De Beers, Alrosa etc) ensuring consistency of quality & quantity.

The reputation & trust, of Integrity & Quality; are the pillars of Mohit’s time tested track record of successful long term partnership with all clients that it does business with.

To maintain & enhance this reputation & customer trust, MOHIT GROUP is committed to comply with stringent trading standards:

Responsible Jewellers Council (RJC)
a Jewellery industry’s supply chain due diligence regulatory body
ANNAKA LLC & Dhruv Star DMCC - Certified RJC members
De Beers Global Sightholder Sales Best Practice Principals (BPP’s)
An assurance program to conduct business in a professional, ethical, environmentally friendly and accountable way
Mohit Diamonds Private Limited, Subsidiaries & Associates - BPP compliant

As a DBGSS Sightholder and RJC Certified members, we are committed to comply with RJC Code of Practice & De Beers Best Practice Principles (BPPs) which includes but not limited to:

  • Ethical Sourcing - Diamonds studded in our jewellery are free of the taint of conflict, human suffering & exploitation.
  • Healthy, Safe & Environment – Diamonds & Jewellery are manufactured in healthy, safe & environment friendly facilities
  • Full Disclosure – The customers are fully informed about the authenticity and quality of the diamonds they buy in their jewellery.