Jewellery making is a multi stage process: designing; creating a CAD design; making a wax model and casting; careful selection of diamond size and shape; setting the stones and rhodium polishing; polishing; and quality control.

Every individual has a unique aura, and every piece of jewellery has its own personality. Finding you the perfect piece is our pleasure. Visit our store and have our experts recommend you a perfect fit. You can even make an online appointment to have a consultation with one of our professional staff.

Jewellery makes every outfit stand out, making it an important part of every wear. However, there are some activities you should avoid doing when wearing your jewellery. This includes, swimming, gardening, washing dishes. Also avoid exposing it to chemicals such as lotions and perfumes.

We at Annaka, make your gift extra special with our elegant and eye-catching signature jewellery boxes. Bringing a smile to you and your loved ones’ is why we do what we do.

Currently, we do not offer online purchasing services. However, you can view some of our designs on our catalog website , on Instagram and our Facebook page. If you are in Dubai please do visit our store in the Dubai Mall to view our entire seasonal collection.

When you purchase a jewellery from us, it just doesn’t end there, we at Annaka are committed to provide highest standard of service to preserve the beauty of your jewellery. We provide: cleaning and polishing; re-sizing; and repair.

  • Carat-Weight : The weight of a diamond is expressed in Carats. One carat = 0.2 grams and one carat equals 100 points.
  • Clarity Grade : All diamonds have traces of their growth history. In a gem-quality diamonds, this concerns minute internal and external characteristics, graded under clarity. Most inclusions are not visible to the naked eye. Diamonds that have no inclusions visible to the unaided eye are also of excellent value!
  • Colour : Most diamonds are colourless to slightly yellowish. Diamonds can also occur in all sorts of colours ranging from brownish to striking yellow, pink to purple, red and blue. These are called “fancy colours”. Besides colour, fluorescence of the diamond is also graded.
  • Cut : Fire, brilliancy & scintillation of a diamond are largely determined by the proportions of various parts of the stone. Finish grade mainly evaluates the symmetry. Diamonds can be in various shapes (e.g square, pear, heart, marquise, trillion, emerald and baguettes). The round brilliant is probably the most used shape.
  • Confidence : At Annaka, we have the 5th C, earning your confidence is the most important to us. Our sales agents are professionally trained to explain to you what you are buying and help you understand the jewellery piece.

Quality customer service is what we promise. Depending on the complexity of the design, and the availability of the materials, your custom piece can be ready within 2 days to 2 weeks.

As our parent company is a DTC sightholder, we have access to the best diamonds from the mine. We manufacture them into polished diamonds and design them into highly desirable jewellery. Although, we handle a huge volume of stones, we operate stringent controls to ensure quality sourcing and manufacturing, using only diamonds that are conflict free. We are a member of Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC).