Diamond necklace

This set is a piece of art! With an overlapping design and lots of fine details, every part of this set is perfection. The bracelet has individual diamond circles making a band, while the center creates a flower to match the earrings. Worn individually, or paired perfectly, this set is divine.

Model No. DMN00301
Necklace Diamond Carat 6.46 cts
Necklace Metal Weight 18k white gold 39.70gms)
Bracelet Diamond Carat 1.94 cts
Bracelet Metal Weight 18k white gold (14.04 gms)
Earring Diamond Carat 2.77 cts
Earring Metal Weight 8k white gold (15.44 gms)

Tags :#diamondnecklace, #necklace, #necklaceset, #necklacesets, #diamondearring, #diamondearrings, #diamondbracelet, #weddingjewellery

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