Round Diamond Necklace Set

Beautiful diamond studded circles fitted with a large center diamond, these pieces exhibit grace and style. While the earrings are subtly elegant, the bracelet is daringly trendy, and the necklace astonishingly charming. Paired together, this set is perfect to wear to cocktail parties, formal events and weddings. Worn individually, the earrings and bracelet can bring that little extra dazzle to every outfit.

Model No. DMN00297
Necklace Diamond Carat 6.01 cts
Necklace Metal Weight 18k white gold (43.65 gms)
Bracelet Diamond Carat 1.03cts
Bracelet Metal Weight 18k white gold (9.75gms)
Earring Diamond Carat 1.72cts
Earring Metal Weight 18k white gold (6.42 gms)

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